We are an electronic surveillance company

We sell PROXEO - DAITEM alarm products for all the Morbihan department.

You can quietly go out because your house is connected to our electronic surveillance computer

from La Trinité sur Mer.

So our watchmen (who live nearby) take control of it 24/7.


We intervene as soon as the detection occurs

In La Trinité sur Mer, Carnac, St Philibert, Locmariaquer, Crac’h, Ploëmel, Plouharnel, Auray, St Pierre Quiberon, Quiberon…


Since 1994, our job is SECURITY, only SECURITY

We are with you from the beginning to the end :
We install 5-year-garantied alarms
We control them (we can check if everything works properly)
We immediately intervene if there is an intrusion
We carry out the maintenance
Our employees’fast intervention cause burglaries, vandalism and squat to fail.

Several kilometers… several minutes ….

To be able to react immediately, our intervention area is not big.
To protect your house, rely on an Proxeo alarm Expert.
It’s a network composed of 88 security-trade companies chosen by PROXEO – DAITEM for the whole France.

It is not enough to have an alarm to be quiet….
What is important is to intervene quickly to scare the intruder away…


This is why town councils, companies, administration and many houses are still connected to our computer.

If you need more information, you can call us in La Trinité sur Mer :
02 97 55 89 40 – 06 88 89 75 01 – 06 25 33 72 53
We can draw you up a free estimate. – email: